Sina Khanifar

Sina Khanifar

Tech Fellow

Sina is a web developer and an advocate for better technology laws. Starting in 2013, he led the campaign to legalize cell phone unlocking, which culminated in action by both the FCC and Congress. In 2014 he helped lead development of EFF’s open source action center toolset, and has spent much of the last few years building tools to help Internet users reach out to their elected representatives. He continues to work actively on DMCA reform as a board member of the Digital Right to Repair Coalition, and is also the founder of, a group of volunteer developers who helped organize and run a range of campaigns, including many that EFF has actively supported. Sina is also co-founder of OpenSignal and RepeaterStore.

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Question for today: will any Republican Senators stand up for their constituents' privacy rights?

Mar 23 @ 5:36am

Nuevos desafíos en protección de datos personales en LATAM, vía @ADC_derechos

Mar 22 @ 3:56pm

Time is running out to save your #BroadbandPrivacy. Tell your lawmakers to protect the FCC’s privacy rules.

Mar 22 @ 3:54pm
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