Karen Gullo

Analyst, Senior Media Relations Specialist

Karen Gullo is an award-winning writer who has reported on public affairs, business, government, and law for more than a decade. As a reporter for Bloomberg News from 2002 to 2015, Karen broke the story of Google’s legal challenge over FBI national security letters, in addition to writing about court battles over government surveillance, the fight to legalize gay marriage in California, concerns over how social media companies use customers’ confidential information, the Barry Bonds perjury trial, and much more. Before joining Bloomberg, Karen was a reporter for The Associated Press in Washington covering politics—including the 2000 presidential election and the Justice Department—as well as campaign finance and federal contracting practices as a member of an investigative reporting team. Karen is the recipient of national and local journalism awards, including the Jesse H. Neal Award Business Journalism Award and the San Francisco Peninsula Press Club’s excellence in journalism awards. She is a native of Chicago and resides in San Francisco.

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