Christoph Schmon

International Policy Director

Christoph Schmon is EFF’s International Policy Director. He bridges EFF’s domestic priorities with the organization’s international policy strategy and helps to make sure that digital rights are respected and enforced beyond the United States borders. Christoph has deep expertise in EU policy-making and he represents EFF’s advocacy for a free internet and online privacy before European lawmakers in Brussels.

Christoph specializes in tech-policy and explores the tension between liability frameworks for digital platforms and user rights, including freedom of expression and privacy. His recent work focuses on digital markets legislation and platform regulatory trends around the globe.

Christoph is active within expert groups to the EU Commission in Brussels and is a lecturer at universities. Prior to working for EFF, he led the Consumer Rights Team at the EU Consumer Organisation (BEUC) and worked at a researcher at several universities. Christoph has extensive litigation experience and holds a Ph.D in law.

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