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Mitch Stoltz


Mitch Stoltz

Mitch Stoltz headshot

Mitch Stoltz

Senior Staff Attorney

Mitch Stoltz is a Senior Staff Attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Mitch works on cases where free speech and innovation collide with copyright, trademark, and antitrust law. His current projects include fighting the use of copyright as a tool for censorship, impact litigation on Internet television and video, and studying trends in antitrust enforcement in Internet industries. Mitch also counsels clients on open source software licensing.

Before joining EFF, Mitch was an associate at Constantine Cannon LLP in Washington DC, where he worked on antitrust and copyright litigation and technology policy. Long ago, in an Internet far far away, Mitch was a security engineer at Netscape Communications, where he worked to secure Web browsers against malware and coordinated the security research efforts of hackers on three continents. Mitch has a JD from Boston University and a BA in Public Policy and Computer Science from Pomona College.

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