Scriptkitty Sez Protect Coders' Rights!For the past three years, EFF has organized the D(EFF)CONtest to highlight the work of supporters who advocate for EFF’s work and inspire others to become supporters of digital civil liberties too. We’re always looking for ways to make an impact with this contest, and so this year, we’re trying something a little different.

But let’s cover a little background first. The D(EFF)CONtest runs in advance of DEF CON, the world's largest hacker convention, with a history nearly as long as EFF’s own. DEF CON has been a nexus of information security innovation and digital creativity, and EFF is proud to have provided legal assistance directly to community members there as part of our service for technologists and users everywhere.

Hackers from around the globe have chosen to stand with EFF as dues-paying members protecting digital freedom. DEF CON attendees in particular have taken fundraising to remarkable new heights of creativity, with everything from waffle sales (thanks, FAIL panel), to mutilating thirst with Brawndo (much obliged, 949), to designing an interactive badge that took people on an EFF quest (arigato, Ninjas).

With that spirit of creativity and community in mind, we plan to give DEF CON 21’s top three EFF fundraisers a special award: an opportunity to share DEF CON with worthy individuals in the community! Winners will be able to designate people who will receive the following benefits for DEF CON 22:

The Grand Prize:

  • A standard suite at the Rio Hotel and Casino for the DEF CON 22 weekend;
  • Two DEF CON 22 Human badges;

Second Place:

  • Two DEF CON 22 Human badges

Third Place:

  • One DEF CON 22 Human badge

EFF is excited to recognize the leadership of creative souls who have found helped fund digital freedom protection while also strengthening the hacker community. We’ve been preparing for months for DEF CON 21 and look forward to the groundbreaking ideas and adventures sure to come.

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