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Net Neutrality Protest 2014 by Joseph Gruber

May 18: Rally for Net Neutrality

The Federal Communication Commission will be voting on whether to move forward with new rules that undermine the net neutrality protections the digital rights community fought for and won in 2015. We're sending a message to the FCC: this is our Internet and we'll fight to protect it. We won't...

EFA May 2017 Teleconference

Are you part of a student group, community organization, or hacker space? If not, do you know others who share your concerns about digital rights? Whether you're working to raise a voice in your community for privacy, security, creativity, access to knowledge, and free expression—or whether you're looking for ways...


Facebook has blocked users in Thailand from accessing a video that shows the country’s king strolling through a German shopping mall wearing a crop-top revealing his distinctive tattoos, accompanied by one of his mistresses. Gennie Gebhart, a researcher for the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) says Facebook is in a difficult...


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