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Adobe Puts an End to Indefinite Gag Order

In a newly unsealed case [.pdf], a Los Angeles federal court ruled that Adobe could not be indefinitely gagged about a search warrant ordering it to turn over the contents of a customer account. This is important work by Adobe. Gag orders almost always violate the First Amendment;...

K(NO)W Identity Conference 2017

EFF Activism Rainey Reitman and EFF Staff Attorney Jamie Williams will be participating in K(NO)W Identity, a conference bringing together the world’s most influential organizations and thought leaders across different industries to shape the future of identity. Other speakers include whistleblower Edward Snowden and U.S. Air Force CTO Frank Konieczny.

Panel: Section 702 vs. The Fourth Amendment

EFF Policy Analyst Kate Tummarello will participate on a panel discussion hosted by the Fourth Amendment Advisory Committee titled "Section 702 vs. The Fourth Amendment." Fourth Amendment Caucus co-chairs Representatives Poe and Lofgren will also announce their plans for the 115th Congress.


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