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EFF's Executive Director speaking at Collision Conference

Cindy Cohn will be speaking at three different panels at Collision on May 2, 2017. Please come by for Taking a Stand: How companies can defend their users when the state comes knocking at 11am, The Forum - politics, policy, governanace, and tech at 1pm, and First 100 Days: Tech...

Stupid Patents of the Month: Taxi Dispatch Tech

With all the attention ride-sharing has been getting lately, some might think Uber and Lyft were highly inventive apps. But according to at least one company, the apps are just highly infringing. Who’s right? Probably neither. Hailo Technologies, LLC (“Hailo”) has recently sued both Uber and Lyft, alleging they infringed...

Building a new Net in the Shell of the Old

Is the Net supposed to reflect society, or transform it? Are we supposed to work with corporations and the state, or replace them? EFF's International Director Danny O'Brien goes on a whistle-stop ride around the early Net activism, Occupy and Silicon Valley to find out whether we've learned the right...


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