Before advanced computer graphics, a collection of clumsy pixels would represent ideas far more complex than technology could capture on its own. With a little imagination, crude blocks on a screen could transform into steel titans and unknown worlds. It’s that spirit of creativity and vision that we celebrate each year at the Las Vegas hacker conferences—BSidesLV, Black Hat, and DEF CON—and beyond.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has advised tinkerers and security researchers at conferences like these for decades because human ingenuity is faster and hungrier than the contours of the law. Copyright, patent, and hacking statutes often conflict with legitimate activities for ordinary folks, driving EFF to help fill the all-too-common gap in people's understanding of technology and the law. Thankfully, support from the public has allowed EFF to continue leading efforts to even the playing field for everyone. It brings us all closer to EFF's ambitious, and increasingly urgent, view of the future: one where creators keep civil liberties and human rights at the center of technology. You can help us build that future as an EFF member.

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In honor of this week's hacker conferences, EFF’s annual mystery-filled DEF CON t-shirt is available to everyone, but it won’t last long! Our DC29 Pixel Mech design is a reminder that simple ideas can have colossal potential. Like previous years' designs, there's more than meets the eye.

Person wearing a black shirt with an EFF mecha on the back

EFF members' commitment to tech users and creators is more necessary each day. Together we've been able to develop privacy-enhancing tools like Certbot to encrypt more of the web; work with policymakers to support fiber broadband infrastructure; beat back dangerous and invasive public-private surveillance partnerships; propose user-focused solutions to big tech strangleholds on your free expression and consumer choice; and rein in oppressive tech laws like the CFAA, which we just fought, and won, in U.S. Supreme Court.

Just as a good hacker sees worlds of possibility in plastic, metal, and pixels, we must all envision and work for a future that’s better than what we’re given. It doesn't matter whether you're an OG cyberpunk phreaker or you just enjoy checking out the latest viral dance moves: we all benefit from a web that empowers users and supports curiosity and creativity online. Support EFF's vital work this year!

Viva Las Vegas, wherever you are.


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