Today we are announcing Fix It Already, a new way to show companies we're serious about the big security and privacy issues they need to fix. We are demanding fixes for different issues from nine tech companies and platforms, targeting social media companies, operating systems, and enterprise platforms on issues ranging from encryption design to retention policies.

Some of these issues stem from business decisions. Some are security holes. Some are design choices. The common thread? All of these well-known privacy and security issues have attainable fixes and an outsize impact on people's lives.

We want to see companies bring their products in line with what consumers expect and deserve. And we need to hear from you to do it. How have these problems affected you, or people you know? What risks do you face as a result? What workarounds have you used to try to make these products and platforms work for your security and privacy concerns? Head to Fix It Already and tell us—and these companies—what these issues mean to you.

Take Action Fix It Already

It’s 2019. We have the technology to fix these problems, and companies are running out of excuses to neglect security and privacy best practices. We hope that with a little more attention, these companies will take these issues seriously and fix them already.