Do your friends and family rope you into providing tech support when you're home for the holidays? Use this opportunity to be a digital security hero and rescue your family from tracking cookies, unencrypted disks, insecure chats, and recycled passwords.

Check out EFF’s Security Education Companion for ideas and inspiration. And remember: People learn by doing! Encourage friends and family members to walk through new security concepts and tools with you, and avoid the pitfalls of taking over their devices and doing it yourself.

  • Did a family member or friend get a fancy new phone, tablet, or computer? Are they worried about losing it or someone stealing it? Help give them peace of mind and keep other people out of their device: show them how to turn on full-disk encryption and password protection.

  • Help others find the software update feature on their operating systems and favorite browsers. Explain that it’s best security practice to regularly update their software, rather than dismissing the reminder box.

Keep in mind that security concepts and tools like these might be completely new to your friends and family. Be prepared to walk through the ideas slowly, and don’t be disappointed if someone is not quite ready to change their routine yet. There’s always next Thanksgiving!

Let EFF know how it went! Use the hashtags #TheSafestConversationYoullHaveThisHoliday or #BadgerYourFamily.

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