Over the last 12 months, IP spectators saw a lot of action in the arena of copyright and related law. We would tell you all about it, but that would be cheating. Instead, we'll leave you to test your knowledge on Crossword Puzzle Day, December 21.

Download a printable PDF here, or play an unofficial interactive version hosted on GitHub by The Dod.


2. Zoe ______,  member of Congress who received one of EFF’s 2014 Pioneer Awards, in part for her commitment to reforming the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

7. First name of the fictional detective who—thanks to the Supreme Court's refusal to take up the case—is officially in the public domain

8. Former Panamanian dictator who used the “right of publicity” to attack the creators of Call of Duty for including him in their game

9. Code-sharing website from which PopcornTime torrent software, was removed after an elaborate takedown request from the MPAA

10. Company that lost a major case before the Supreme Court over letting users rent dime-sized antennas to record television programming

13. Cindy Lee ______, actor who filed a copyright suit against Google over her five-second performance in the notorious “Innocence of Muslims” video

14. Blog site, run by Automattic, that earned all the possible stars in EFF’s inaugural Who Has Your Back copyright and trademark report

17. According to a dangerous decision by the Federal Circuit Court in Oracle v. Google, these Java specifications may be considered copyrightable.

18. "Monkey _____" (see crossword background) was the center of a controversy when a photographer didn’t like that it was uploaded as a public domain image to Wikimedia Commons

19. You can now do this to your cellphone to bring it to a different carrier, thanks to a bill signed by President Obama in August

20. News and gossip site that Quentin Tarantino filed a copyright lawsuit against after it linked to a leaked script of his upcoming movie The Hateful Eight

21. Photography licensing company that made its images “free to embed” and announced it would dial back its copyright enforcement


1. Porn troll Malibu Media filed more than 1,600 copyright lawsuits in 2014, using this name in place of many of the yet-to-be-identified defendants

3. An appeals court ruled that you can’t copyright the shape of this tobacco paraphernalia

4. Outgoing “IP Czar” Victoria Espinel has taken the top job at the Business Software Association. In political circles, this move is known as the revolving ___

5. Image-hosting site owned by Yahoo that raised some hackles when it announced it would be selling prints of some users’ Creative Commons licensed prints

6. Company whose leaked emails revealed a secret anti-piracy meeting organized by the Department of Homeland Security

7. Comedy Central show Nathan For You tested the limits of fair use with its parody coffee shop, “Dumb ________”

11. Brian Knappenberger released his Aaron Swartz documentary, “The Internet’s ___ ___” under a Creative Commons License

12. In December, Swedish police raided this notoriously resilient torrent site, bringing it down worldwide

15. “Blurred Lines” singer Robin _____ went to court to ask for a declaratory judgment that his song does not infringe Marvin Gaye’s “Got To Give It Up.”

16. Maker of single-serving brewing pods that introduced something akin to DRM for coffee machines