The RIAA's Cary Sherman recently published a bogus editorial criticizing the Digital Freedom campaign, an effort launched by a broad coalition of groups including the Consumer Electronics Association, EFF, and Public Knowledge. Public Knowledge's Gigi Sohn has written an excellent response and highlights a key point in a related blog post:

"What makes Cary's tutorial on 'fair use' so incredibly ironic is that as we speak, RIAA is in a desperate rush to try and get the anti-consumer "audio flag" passed in this lame duck session of Congress. To refresh your recollection, the audio flag would prohibit consumer recording of digital radio transmissions protected by law. No doubt, Hollywood is hot on their heels, trying to get the video flag attached as well. Our colleagues on the Hill tell us the situation is changing by the hour."

Take action now to help stop the audio and broadcast flag bills.

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