Law enforcement use of face recognition technology poses a profound threat to personal privacy, political and religious expression, and the fundamental freedom to go about our lives without having our movements and associations covertly monitored and analyzed.

This technology can be used for identifying or verifying the identity of an individual using photos or videos, and law enforcement and other government agencies can use it to conduct dragnet surveillance of entire neighborhoods. Face surveillance technology is also prone to error, implicating people for crimes they haven’t committed.

It has been well documented by MIT, the Georgetown Center for Privacy and Technology, and the ACLU that these error rates—and the related consequences—are far higher for women and people with darker skin.

Regardless of your race or gender—and even if these disparate error rates were addressed—face surveillance must be stopped to protect our communities.


End Face Surveillance in your community

Stand with EFF, Electronic Frontier Alliance members in your area, and your neighbors and loved ones, in saying it's time to end the creep of face surveillance into our communities. It's time to stand up for civil liberties and public safety, and against the chilling effect face surveillance imposes on our free expression. 

Join us in this fight. Sign onto the About Face commitment to ending government use of face surveillance where you live. Let your local representatives know that we need a course correction now—before it's too late.

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