Government use of face surveillance technology chills free speech, threatens residents’ privacy, and amplifies historical bias in our criminal system. From San Francisco, California to Somerville, Massachusetts communities are coming together to say “no” to this especially pernicious form of surveillance.

Join us in ending government use of face surveillance in our communities. Working with our partners in the Electronic Frontier Alliance, and other local grassroots organizations, each time a multiple of one-hundred supporters in your area sign-on to the letter below, we'll deliver the message to your local lawmakers. It's time to correct the course and end government use of face surveillance.


End Face Surveillance in your community

Use of face surveillance by law enforcement and other government agencies invades Fourth Amendment freedoms of privacy and chills First Amendment freedoms of speech and association. 

Face surveillance technology has already been used to target individuals engaged in First Amendment-protected activity. And the threat of this especially pernicious form of surveillance extends far beyond political rallies. Images captured outside houses of worship, medical facilities, schools, community centers, and homes would reveal familial, political, religious, and sexual partnerships.  

Data theft is another threat. Digital security professionals regularly warn that it’s not a matter of if a given system will be breached, but when. Government agencies have a notorious history of failing to adequately secure from theft the sensitive personal information and biometric data that government stockpiles. Unlike a driver’s license or social security number, when a breach occurs, our faces can not be reissued. 

As community members concerned about our own privacy and safety, as well as that of our families and neighbors, we stand together in committed support of an immediate end to government use of face surveillance. 

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