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Podcast Episode - Right to Repair Catches the Car

Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog

DVD Home Media Server, We Hardly Knew You

In April, a California court ruled that Kaleidescape did not violate its contract with the DVD Copy Control Association (DVD CCA) by distributing a device that rips and plays DVDs. But now the DRM licensing authority, which is mostly controlled by movie studios, is planning to change the contract...

Sony Disconnects

In May 2004, Sony opened up its own store for selling digital music: Sony Connect. From the start, the service was plagued with self-inflicted woes. Thanks to Sony?s use of DRM and a proprietary music format (ATRAC), music bought through Sony Connect could only be played on Sony?s expensive digital...

FCC Should Make ISPs Play Copyright Cop, Says NBC

Not even a week after AT&T announced plans to adopt undefined technical measures to stop "piracy," NBC Universal has asked [PDF] the FCC to declare that "broadband service providers have an obligation to use readily available means" (emphasis added) to stop copyright infringement. On the unintentionally funny-and-scary scale...

Blogging WIPO: The New Development Agenda

PCDA Recommendations to 2007 General Assembly
(As adopted 9:38 pm June 15, 2007)
The PCDA decided to make the following recommendations to the 2007 General Assembly:
1. To adopt the recommendations for action in the agreed proposals contained in...

Privacy issue banner, a colorful graphical representation of a padlock

Judge Orders FBI to Release NSL Abuse Records

A judge ordered [PDF] the FBI today to finally release agency records about its abuse of National Security Letters (NSLs) to collect Americans' personal information. The ruling came just a day after the EFF urged [PDF] the judge to immediately respond in its lawsuit over agency delays.

AT&T to Play Copyright Cop, Sell Out Customers

AT&T has announced plans to sell out its customers.
No, this time we're not talking about spying on telephone and Internet communications on the government's behalf. AT&T is now kowtowing to the entertainment industry and jointly developing undisclosed technical measures in yet another desperate attempt to stop...

Blogging the WIPO Development Agenda: [Access to Knowledge]?

Discussions on streamlining ? or what some delegates are describing as ?downsizing? ? the set of 71 proposals into a shorter ?actionable? list are proceeding fairly expeditiously. The Chair, the Ambassador of Barbados, Trevor Clarke, is running this week?s meeting in much the same way he ran the last PCDA...


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