Every July, we celebrate EFF’s birthday and its decades of commitment fighting for privacy, security, and free expression for all tech users. This year’s membership drive focuses on a central idea: analog or digital—what matters is connection. If the internet is a portal to modern life, then our tech must embrace privacy, security, and free expression for the users. You can help free the tubes when you join the worldwide community of EFF members this week.

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Through July 20 only, you can become an EFF member for just $20, and get a limited-edition series of Digital Freedom Analog Postcards. Each piece of this set represents part of the fight for our digital future, from protecting free expression to opposing biometric surveillance. Send one to someone you care about and boost our signal for a better internet.

Digital Freedom Analog Postcards

Physical space and cyberspace aren’t divided worlds anymore. The lines didn’t just blur during the last year; they entwined to help carry us through crisis. This laid bare the brilliance and dangers of a world online, showing us how digital policies will shape our lives. You can create a better future for everyone as an EFF member this year.

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Will you help us encourage people to support internet freedom? It's a big job and it takes all of us. Here’s some language you can share with your circles:

Staying connected has never been more important. Help me support EFF and the fight for every tech users’ right to privacy, free speech, and digital access. https://eff.org/greetings

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Stay Golden

We introduce new member gear each summer to thank supporters and help them start conversations about online rights. This year's t-shirt design is a salute to our resilience and power when we keep in touch.

 gold hooded figure with wings on black background

EFF Creative Director Hugh D'Andrade worked in this retrofuturist, neo-deco art style to create an image that references an optimistic view of the future that we can (and must) build together. The figure here is bolstered by EFF's mission and pale gold and glow-in-the-dark details. We have all endured incredible hardships over the last year, but EFF—with the strength of our relationships and the power of the web—never stopped fighting for a digital world that supports freedom, justice, and innovation for all people. Connect with us and we're unstoppable.

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