EFF recently partnered with the University of Missouri's Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute on a virtual event, "Deciphering Data Privacy.” This event aimed to foster a conversation with journalists, technologists, and privacy experts on the ways that we can make the conversation about privacy—how companies view it, how it affects you every day, and how you can stand up for your privacy rights—more understandable to everyone.

The event featured an opening keynote from EFF Project Manager and student privacy activist Lindsay Oliver on the landscape of data privacy, from current threats to pending legislative efforts with a particular focus on the privacy invasions facing students at all grade levels.

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You can see the slides from her talk here. (PDF)

Other events included a fireside chat with Melanie Ensign, CEO/Founder of Discernible, and a panel moderated by Kashmir Hill of the New York Times in conversation with Maddy Varner of The Markup, Dhruv Mehdotra of Gizmodo Media, and Aaron Krolik of the New York Times to discuss some of their favorite privacy pieces.

Journalists can help the public better understand what's happening and what's at stake when it comes to data privacy. We’re proud to work with the University of Missouri to showcase how the critical role journalists can play in explaining the incentive structures driving the technology industry, highlight data privacy harms, and inform the public.

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