EFF supporter Benjamin McLean was kind enough to send along his "Mashup Maker" as a new entry to our Catalog of Missing Devices, a tour through some of the legitimate, useful and missing gadgets, tools and services that don't exist but should. They're technologies whose chance to exist was snuffed out by Section 1201 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, which makes tampering with "Digital Rights Management" into a legal no-go zone, scaring off toolsmiths, entrepreneurs, and tinkerers.

Mashup Maker: A boon to mashup artists everywhere, this tool will rip the isolated tracks you buy online or that come with your personal copies of Guitar Hero and Rock Band and auto-imports them into a personal library. A built-in editor automates pitchbending, tempo-matching and other dark arts to make mashup mixing easier than ever. As a bonus, Mashup Maker liberates your proprietary music tracks for use with free/open alternatives like Performous.

If you have great ideas for additions, send them to me and maybe you'll see them here on Deeplinks!

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