Fourth Amendment

This Fourth of July, EFF will be demonstrating our commitment to your Constitutional right of privacy from government surveillance by displaying the text of the Fourth Amendment on our website. This demonstration is a visual symbol of our opposition to the illegal and unconstitutional surveillance by the National Security Agency, which the government now admits has been collecting data on millions of ordinary Americans not suspected of any crime.  We, along with the Internet Defense League and many other organizations, are showing online solidarity with the Restore the Fourth movement, a nonpartisan, grassroots movement that is planning protests against NSA spying on July 4th in cities across the United States. 

We’re asking website administrators to join us in this online protest tomorrow.  You can do this by displaying the Fourth Amendment on your own site.

To make this as easy as possible, we’ve created an embeddable code for you to use. Just insert this onto the homepage of your website and you’ll automatically be displaying our gorgeous Fourth Amendment graphic.

Here’s the embed code:

<script src=""></script>

We also made some light- and dark-colored background images for you to use to decorate your websites on July 4th. Check them out here:


If you are not a website administrator, there are many other ways you can help on July 4th, including:

  • Signing onto the Stop Watching Us petition (available to people in the US and abroad)
  • Calling your members of Congress – 1-STOP-323-NSA (1-786-732-3672)
  • Tweeting your support for the campaign using the hashtag #restorethe4th
  • Attending a rally in your area on July 4th.  See a list of rallies on If there is no rally in your area, consider organizing one – see the Bill of Rights Defense Committee’s guide to hosting a successful event.

If you’re outside the United States, and would like to join us in protesting the American government's surveillance of Internet users worldwide, EFF has an international petition to sign. You could also join our action by quoting from Article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on your website, or your country's own protections against unwarranted surveillance

Note about privacy and using an embeddable graphic: Whenever you use code that embeds content from another site, your visitors will load content from that website. In this case, they would load content from Our website administrators would be able to gather general data about the number of times this Restore the Fourth pop up is loaded. However, we use a system we designed called cryptolog to minimize the data we receive about website visitors (see below).

 Embedding this code will place a session cookie in your browser to ensure that the image of the Fourth Amendment is only displayed once to website visitors, rather than every time they visit your page. If you'd like to force the image to pop up, you can delete your cookies or restart your browser.

 If you do not want to embed an image, you can copy the image to your own server and upload it onto your website without using the embed code. You can find the image here.

Read about cryptolog:

Source code of cryptolog:;a=summary

Read EFF’s privacy policy here:

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