This Sunday August 4th, rallies are being held in cities across the country to protest unconstitutional surveillance.  Known as 1984 Day, the events are planned on 08/4 to emphasize how the themes of unchecked state surveillance fictionalized in George Orwell’s classic 1984 have creepy real-life parallels with the current dragnet surveillance of our digital communications. The nonpartisan, reddit-driven, grassroots movement that organized the Restore the Fourth rallies on July 4th are planning these events in order to harness the growing public discomfort with the NSA’s newly-confirmed spying programs.  Currently, sixteen different rallies are planned in locations across the country. You can find the closest rally by visiting the 1984 Day website.

EFF isn’t organizing or sponsoring the events, but we’re happy to support them by getting the word out. If you’re an EFF member or fan looking for ways to get more involved in the fight against unconstitutional surveillance, attending or organizing one of these local rallies is a fantastic way to get started. And if you’re planning on attending one, we urge you to wear your EFF swag (which you can get by becoming a member) and look for others who are similarly dressed to show their support of digital rights.

Now is an especially critical time for concerned citizens to speak out.  Senators are pushing back against the NSA for excessive secrecy, General Alexander is on the defensive about the NSA surveillance programs, thousands of people have taken to the streets in Germany to oppose spying, over a half million people have called for transparency and reform, and over 200 Representatives voted to end funding for unconstitutional calling records surveillance – nearly enough to pass an amendment. The tide is turning in the fight against unconstitutional surveillance. We need to keep the pressure on.

If you’re organizing a rally locally, check out the Bill of Rights Defense Committee’s guide to throwing a rally. 

Learn more about warrantless surveillance by visiting our informational page and timeline of surveillance. And if you’re planning on attending a rally in your area, print out a few of these handouts (PDF) to take with you and hand out to attendees.  

You can also sign the petition against NSA surveillance.

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