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Street Level Surveillance

EFF and MuckRock Are Filing a Thousand Public Records Requests About ALPR Data Sharing

EFF and MuckRock have a launched a new public records campaign to reveal how much data law enforcement agencies have collected using automated license plate readers (ALPRs) and are sharing with each other. Over the next few weeks, the two organizations are filing approximately 1,000 public records requests with agencies...
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California Police Chiefs Misrepresent License Plate Privacy Bill

EFF supports S.B. 712, a California bill that would allow drivers to cover their plates when they’re parked. This simple privacy measure would create an opportunity for drivers to protect sensitive information about their travel and whereabouts from mass collection by law enforcement and private data brokers. The threat...

The Supreme Court Finally Takes on Law Enforcement Access to Cell Phone Location Data: 2017 in Review

Protecting the highly personal location data stored on or generated by digital devices is one of the 21st century’s most important privacy issues. In 2017, the Supreme Court finally took on the question of how law enforcement can get ahold of this sensitive information. Whenever you use a cell phone...

Require Police to Purge Their Databases of Innocent Citizens’ Personal Information, EFF Tells Virginia Supreme Court

License plates are more than numbers and letters you display on your car. When police photograph your license plate, scan it, record the precise times and locations of the scans, and store all that information indefinitely in a database, they can search this information to piece together your movements and...


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