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Civil Rights Coalition files FCC Complaint Against Baltimore Police Department for Illegally Using Stingrays to Disrupt Cellular Communications

Civil Rights Groups Urge FCC to Issue Enforcement Action Prohibiting Law Enforcement Agencies From Illegally Using Stingrays This week the Center for Media Justice,, and New America’s Open Technology Institute...

U.S. v. Damian Patrick

The Milwaukee Police Department secretly used a Stingray to locate defendant Patrick through his cell phone without a warrant. As we’ve seen in other cases involving Stingrays, the government did everything it could in this case to hide the fact that it used the device—from the court that issued the...

EFF and ACLU Expose Government’s Secret Stingray Use in Wisconsin Case

Thanks to EFF and the ACLU, the government has finally admitted it secretly used a Stingray to locate a defendant in a Wisconsin criminal case, United States v. Damian Patrick. Amazingly, the government didn’t disclose this fact to the defendant—or the court—until we raised it in...

EFF to Court: Accessing Cell Phone Location Records Without A Warrant Violates the Constitution

Chicago—The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is urging a federal appeals court in Chicago to rule that police need a warrant to access cell phone location records that can reveal our everyday travels—when we leave home, where we go and whom we visit. In an amicus brief filed Friday...


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