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Our Work

Our Work

Fall Members' Speakeasy: San Francisco

EFF members are invited to join EFF staff in-person for a drink on October 27 in San Francisco! Raise a glass with EFF and discover our latest work defending digital freedoms online. This event is a free, casual gathering to give you a chance to mingle with local EFF supporters...

Copyright Troll

Trolls de Direitos Autorais Miram Usuários no Brasil, Ameaçando Garantias de Devido Processo e Proteção de Dados. Grupos da sociedade civil estão lá para ajudar

Os trolls de direitos autorais normalmente não produzem ou distribuem conteúdo, mas, em vez disso, ganham dinheiro com material protegido por direitos autorais, usando a ameaça de litígio para abalar as pessoas que supostamente baixam filmes e outros conteúdos pela Internet- um modelo de negócios que convida ao assédio e...

A town showing many public features (parks, transport, a library) with the backdrop of a circuit board.

Court’s Decision Upholding Disastrous Texas Social Media Law Puts The State, Rather Than Internet Users, in Control of Everyone’s Speech Online

The First Amendment and the freedom of speech and expression it provides has helped make the internet what it is today: a place for diverse communities, support networks, and forums of all stripes to share information and connect people. Individuals and groups exercise their constitutional right to host and moderate...


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