On this page you can view and download several versions of the EFF logo for any legal purpose. Please see the simple guidelines below to ensure that you use our brand correctly. Also, please read our Trademark and Brand Usage Policy before using one of our brands. You can download our logo zip file, or right-click or Control-click on one of the images below, and save locally.

This logo was created by the top branding agency Pentagram, in July 2018. For more on the creation and ideas behind this logo, see our blog post announcement.

Additional EFF graphics, all available on a Creative Commons Attribution license, can be freely downloaded from our Flickr page. (For other questions about EFF graphics, contact design@eff.org.)

Logo Guidelines

There are two basic versions of this logo: the monogram and the lockup. The monogram is the three letters of our organization's acronym in bold letters. The lockup is the same three letter with the organization name slipped inside.

This logo is designed to be modular, and can be oriented and stacked in various ways. If you'd like a different orientation of this logo, please contact design@eff.org with a request, and we'll be happy to provide you with a version that suits your needs. Please do not make your own adjustments, change the colors, add outlines or effects, or distort the logo.

EFF Logo (monogram)

The Monogram is just three bold letters. It should be used in either red or black. Here it is on a white background.

EFF Logo Monogram Red

Here is the monogram on a black background.

EFF Logo (Lockup)

The lockup consists of our three letters with the name of our organization inside. It should be used in either red or black.

Here is the lockup reversed out against a black background:


The logo uses a beautiful open source typeface, from the League of Moveable type, called League Gothic.


Please limit colors to black (hexadecimal #000000, white (hexadecimal #FFFFFF) and red (hexadecimal #EC1E1E).


Please avoid committing these common design errors. 😄


You can download a zipped folder of various logo versions here.