EFF's small design team sometimes struggles to keep up with the frenetic pace of our activist, legal and development colleagues. Whenever EFF launches a new legal case, activism campaign, tech project, or development campaign, we try to create unique and inspiring graphics to promote it. At EFF, we find that the ability to visualize the issues at hand encourages supporters to engage more fully with our work, to learn more and share more about what we do, and to donate to our cause.

All the graphics we create are original, and free to the public to use on a Creative Commons Attribution license. That means that if you are fighting to stop police misuse of surveillance technology in your community, promoting free expression online, or simply looking for a way to share your love for EFF and digital rights with the world, you are free to download our graphics and use them for your own purposes without permission. It's our way of seeding the Commons!

Below is a selection of graphics we produced this year. We hope you enjoy perusing them! To learn more about each project, go ahead and click the image. It will link you to a page where you can learn more.

A public square sits on a digital circuit

FOILIES branding

frogs floating in apocalyptic flood running dog is censored

Street level surveillance

Woman operating a Mecha robot viewed through pixels art

students resisting surveillance

Spying drones loom overhead

Spying Google Chrome eye blinking

roaming surveillance grid over city map

Passport inside a spying eye

Apple Spying chrome eye

Apple protestApple protest

a speaker is enabled by someone holding up a megaphone

Trademarked cans

VR goggles view QR codes

glowing fiber optic cables

Spying eye in prison

ICE and CA police sharing ALPR data

Unfair Competition with Robots

Detail of an EFF shirt design

Don't forget: many of our graphics are gifted to you in t-shirt or sticker form when you join EFF. And for a limited time, you can purchase postcard versions of some of our graphics in our shop.

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