Patience is a virtue. And so is tenacity.

We are elated to celebrate the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s 33rd anniversary today. EFF has officially been working toward internet freedom longer than many people have been online. I'm grateful to EFF's supporters for ensuring that digital rights remain important and vital, even as the internet itself becomes a crucial yet often overlooked fact of life for most.

What would the world be without any privacy or free expression online? You can see examples of that dark dimension in the battles we continue to fight every day: the rules that keep you from controlling the services you use and devices you own; corporate policies that censor the powerless; rampant data collection by both companies and governments; and laws that would break encryption.

That’s why EFF works so carefully to nurture a web that puts civil liberties and human rights at its center. It’s with great pride that EFF takes on court and legislative battles that may last years. But simultaneously, our team works on—and wins—immediate policy and legal fights while we develop rights-enhancing technologies to bridge the gap. We’re committed to defending your digital freedom for as long as technology changes and grows. With support from people like you, we’re not going anywhere.


EFF’s membership drive for this summer touches on the ways we tend the internet like a digital garden. It’s an apt metaphor because let me assure you: we get our hands dirty every day to weed out threats for your rights online. Through July 20, you can be an EFF member for just $20, and receive two limited-edition gifts as a special thanks.

Together we till the hard ground, plant the ideas, nurture the discussions, and nourish the movement we know today. It’s hard and sometimes slow work to grow the law, international policy, and the way people think and companies act to support our rights online, but it’s necessary. I hope you’ll join us and keep this mission thriving.

The seeds of digital freedom aren’t sown alone. I'm grateful to every person who has stood with EFF’s technologists, lawyers, researchers, and advocates since the 90s. Together we can cultivate tech’s future for the users.

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