We are disappointed the California Assembly Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee will not hear A.B. 1760, which would have substantially strengthened the California Consumer Privacy Act.

Tomorrow, the Privacy Committee will instead vote on several bills backed by Big Tech interests that will erode the CCPA and the promises this law made to give all Californians the privacy rights they want and deserve. California’s legislators must stop bills that erode our privacy and we will not stop fighting for strong privacy legislation.

In coming weeks, we will work to pass S.B. 561, which will improve the enforcement of the CCPA by ensuring that people can sue the companies that violate their privacy rights, and strengthening the powers of the California Attorney General.

Tech companies are saying that they support privacy yet still deploy their money and pressure to silence real privacy bills. We will not let them kill strong privacy bills in the dark.

Updated April 23, 2019 to add opposition letters.

Read our coalition letters opposing bills being heard in the Privacy Committee today that erode the CCPA:

A.B. 25 - Oppose Unless Amended

A.B. 846 - Oppose Unless Amended

A.B. 873 - Oppose

A.B. 1564 - Oppose