Can EFF represent me?

Maybe. Find out about EFF's Legal Assistance Services here.

Can EFF address an event in my community?

Maybe. Submit a request for a speaker here and we'll get back to you soon.

For all other inquiries, please contact us via the appropriate e-mail address below, or by mail, fax or phone.

General Information
For questions, requests, or miscellaneous queries: PGP public key
GPG Key Fingerprint: F2F2 1BB8 531E 9DC3 0D40 F68B 11A1 A9C8 4B18 732F
Signal Number: 510-243-8020

For media inquiries (please put“Media Request”in the email subject line):
415-436-9333 x177
Both email and voice messages forward to the entire media team

Legal Assistance
For legal questions (please see our Legal Assistance Guidelines before contacting us):

For membership, donations, shop orders, corporate giving, or matching gifts information, check out our FAQ page: If you can't find the answer you're looking for there, reach out to: PGP public key
GPG Key Fingerprint: 392E 3160 B160 16B3 451D F3FC 57E7 C603 694A EE9B

For issues or problems relating to Action Center or Action Alerts:

Security Vulnerabilities
For reporting security vulnerabilities ONLY in EFF software or systems (for more information, see EFF’s Security Vulnerability Disclosure Program):
GPG Key Fingerprint: 05E1 134F C56C 6E74 D0E6 DE61 7582 8403 8201 4E10

Browser Extensions
For contacting us about our browser add-ons, HTTPS Everywhere and Privacy Badger:
GPG Key Fingerprint: 4F6C 8B44 9347 A3C2 665E  FDC3 176B D05F 2A9B 47F4

Employment Verification
To verify employment please email with the person's full name, approximate dates of employment and title or department.

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