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Tired of the entertainment industry treating you like a criminal for wanting to share music and movies online? We are too—EFF is fighting for a constructive solution that gets artists paid while making file sharing legal.

The irrational war against P2P by misguided content owners and their representatives is not generating a single penny for artists. In fact despite lawsuits and other attempts to stymie P2P providers and thousands of music and movie fans file sharing is more popular than ever. What's more the entertainment industry has threatened innovation in P2P systems and many other tools that help you get more from your media. And it could get even worse -- the industry is pushing Congress to ratchet up civil and criminal sanctions for file sharing and to restrict innovation.

You can help put a stop to this misguided campaign. Together we can forge a better way forward.

Learn more about how EFF has fought to end the war on P2P

  • EFF is fighting to protect the due process rights of individuals caught in the most recent predatory lawsuits.
  • EFF has created a list of subpoena defense resources for those targeted by file sharing suits.
  • EFF has proposed ways for artists to get paid without fans getting sued.
  • EFF helped establish legal protections for privacy online including the privacy of P2P users.
  • EFF has assisted Internet users mistakenly caught in the industry's dragnet.
  • EFF has helped P2P users sued by the RIAA and MPAA find legal counsel.
  • EFF took MGM v. Grokster to the Supreme Court and defended the right of innovators to build new technologies without begging Hollywood's permission first.
  • EFF helped beat back the INDUCE Act which threatened innovation and P2P systems.
  • EFF debunked Audible Magic's P2P filtering solution.
  • EFF pushed for sensible solutions for college campuses concerned with file sharing.
  • EFF started a petition to Congress opposing the RIAA lawsuits.
  • EFF and its members helped defeat the Berman "P2P Vigilantism" Bill in 2002.

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