We have an amazing opportunity to join the EFF team.

We are hiring a Senior Fellow of Decentralization, a position that is a public advocate helping to establish EFF as a leader in the civil liberties implications of decentralizing the Internet. You’ll help chart a course for EFF to have real impact in the public conversations about decentralization of the Internet as it fits into our mission of ensuring that technology supports freedom, justice, and innovation for all people of the world. Through fierce and informed public advocacy, blogging, and social media, this Fellow will help us create a future internet that is more decentralized, resilient, and protective of both civil liberties and innovation. Apply today. Note that this is a two year fellowship, with the possibility of extending up to one to two additional years depending on the outcomes of those two years and EFF’s needs.

The landscape of Decentralization is broad. Technologies that can re-decentralize the internet and provide for increased competition and provide for resources to those who are not being served properly by the existing world point to the future we would like to help bring about. There are three major areas of activity where we expect you to work:

  1. New protocols that provide internet services that facilitate competition, freedom of expression and privacy  that anyone can set up and use, effectively. For example, Mastodon, Blue Sky, Diaspora, Tor onion services, and Manyverse.
  2. “Web3” or “DeWeb” technologies that provide for a decentralized infrastructure using blockchain technology, especially as they support a more privacy protective experience from today’s surveillance-facilitating technologies.
  3. “DeFi” technologies including cryptocurrencies and DAOs that can potentially reorganize finance and payment systems for a more privacy protective and equitable use of money.

We will prioritize the work in that order. 

We are open to many different types of candidates for this role. We’re interested in candidates who span advocacy and implementation. It’s most important for candidates to be able to explain, think about, and advocate for resilient decentralized systems that protect and preserve civil liberties and innovation. Secondarily, someone with technical skills to use them and help us use them ourselves is helpful, but not required. And, we value diversity in background and life experiences. 

EFF is committed to supporting our employees. That’s why we’ve got competitive salaries, incredible benefits (including rental assistance, student loan reimbursement, and fantastic healthcare), and ample policies for paid time off and holidays. 

Please check out our job description and apply today!  And if you are someone who has a question about this role, please email jon@eff.org

Even if this job isn’t the right fit for you, please take a moment to spread the word on social media. We’re looking for an unusual person who is excited to help bring about a decentralized, locally empowered digital world.