On September 14, Ask Your Representative to Oppose the TPP

Stop the TPP

It's now or never for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). It's almost certain that if the TPP can't pass during the lame duck session of Congress in its present form before the new President takes office, it won't pass at all.

You may also have heard that a lame duck vote on the TPP is off the table—but that's false. In fact, the administration's pressure for such a vote to take place following the election has never been greater. Officials held a new round of meetings just last week with business interests to encourage them to sell the flawed agreement to an increasingly skeptical public and Congress. So you shouldn't believe for a moment that the TPP can't still pass within the next few months. It can.

Take ActionTell your representative to oppose the TPP.

At this late stage, literally every single vote against the TPP counts, and the most effective way to influence the way that your representative votes on the TPP is to call them by telephone. Making a phone call is more stressful and troublesome than signing an online petition—we get it, really! But we wouldn't ask you to do it if it weren't important, and it's never been more important for you to make your voice heard about the TPP than it is right now.

We've created a form where you can enter your phone number and be automatically called back to speak with your representative. We're asking you to deliver them a short and simple message—tell them to vote no on the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

If you have time during the call, you can also mention why you want the representative to vote no—because the TPP would lock the United States into its current broken copyright rules and empower foreign corporations to sue us if we reform them. Vital components of U.S. law such as fair use and net neutrality are missing or non-binding in the TPP. But even if you don't have time to go into that much detail, that's OK—the most important message is to vote no to the TPP.

EFF isn't the only organization urging you to call your representatives about the TPP today; we are joining with dozens of other public interest groups from all sectors of American society including labor unions such as AFL-CIO; consumer groups such as Public Citizen; progressive organizations like CREDO Action, MoveOn, and Daily Kos; and other digital rights groups like Fight for the Future. Together, we plan to keep phones on the Hill ringing non-stop with a loud and clear message against the TPP.

If you don't want to see the TPP pass into law before the next President takes office, click that big red button below and you'll be well on your way to helping us kill the deal once and for all.

Take ActionTell your representative to oppose the TPP.