Coding with EFF

EFF has a team of staff technologists who spend a good portion of their time developing and maintaining software projects designed to defend civil liberties and enhance privacy and security online. We are looking for passionate individuals to volunteer their technological skills to support these software projects, and contribute to EFF's mission. To learn more and to get involved, please see our Coding with EFF page.

See some of our volunteer technologists.

Translating with EFF

For information on how to get involved with translations at EFF, check out our Translating with EFF page.

EFF Cooperating Techs Announce List

EFF is often contacted by attorneys or members of the general public who have a need for technical assistance. The Cooperating Techs list is a low volume mailing list that connects these people with technologists who have the expertise and the desire to assist. We will post a note to the list with a basic description of the project or need; if you are qualified and interested, you respond to the call, and we'll connect you to the attorney. EFF won't investigate or vouch for either side so it is up to both parties to negotiate the work arrangements. We'll simply provide the connection. Subscribe here.

EFF Community Organizers List

We are currently building ways for volunteers and organizers to engage deeper with EFF's work. To receive updates on new resources that we create and to learn how to get plugged into our campaigns, join our growing list of community organizers and digital rights activists around the country. Fill out this form to subscribe:

EFF Cooperating Attorneys List

EFF receives many requests for legal assistance. In order to try to find help for as many people as possible, we maintain a post-only email list that attorneys can join called the Cooperating Attorneys list. The list receives anonymized requests for help, both directly on EFF cases and on cases where the EFF cannot offer assistance. If you are an attorney who is interested in joining the list, please contact the Legal Intake Coordinator at with the subject line, "Cooperating Attorney List Inquiry." More general information about the list can be found on our Legal Assistance page.