EFF needs a few good volunteers. With many important technology projects in the works and a limited amount of staff and time, we are always looking for volunteers with the skills to help us support the open source projects that we run.

If you are a designer, programmer, security auditor, QA person, or have other skills to contribute, we are happy to have your help. Some ways you can help include: improving design, improving usability, fixing bugs, reporting bugs, finding security issues, fixing security issues, writing tests, adding new features, translating interfaces or helping with whatever needs to get done.

Additionally, we offer rewards to people who discover security vulnerabilities in a subset of the software below. For more information (including instructions on how to notify us of security vulnerabilities), see our Security Vulnerability Disclosure Program.

EFF's technology development and research projects aim to defend the rights of free expression, and enhance security and privacy on the Internet. All of our work is released under free and open source licenses such as the GNU General Public License or Creative Commons licenses. Listed below are the open source projects we are currently working on, and ways you can help support them.

CertbotSource CodeIssue Tracker
(good first issue)

Mailing List
Mattermost chat (explained below)

Privacy BadgerSource CodeIssue Tracker
(help wanted)
(good first issue)
Mailing List
Boulder (the Let's Encrypt server)Source CodeIssue Tracker
(good volunteer tasks)
(Mailing list is not active)
Action CenterSource CodeIssue Tracker 

 You can get involved with several of our software projects at the EFF Open Source Contributor Chat Platform. By signing up for the EFF Open Source Contributor Chat Platform, you consent to share your personal information with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which is the operator and data controller for this platform. The channels will be available both to EFF, and to other users of EFFOSCCP, who may use or disclose information in these channels outside of EFFOSCCP. EFF will use your information, according to the Privacy Policy, to further the mission of EFF, including hosting and moderating the discussions on this platform. 

Use of EFFOSCCP is subject to the EFF Code of Conduct. When investigating an alleged Code of Conduct violation, EFF may review discussion channels or direct messages.