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EFF Volunteer Technologists

EFF Volunteer Technologists

Paul Andrew

Paul is a freelance developer based in Mexico City. He is a strong believer in the EFF's mission, and is passionate about creating software that helps others and improves society.

Aaron Griffith

Volunteer Technologist - Action Center

Aaron graduated in 2014 from Ohio State University with a B.S. in Physics and Mathematics, and spends most of his free time developing and maintaining a map renderer and other tools for Minecraft, written in Python and C.

Follow Aaron at @agrif

James Kasten

Technology Fellow

James is an EFF Technology Fellow working on the Let's Encrypt project and also a PhD student in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at the University of Michigan. His research is in computer security and is particularly interested in creating practical security solutions. He is a STIET fellow and am advised by Professor J. Alex Halderman.

He did his undergraduate work at Vanderbilt University, where he received a B.A. double majoring in Economics and Computer Science. While there, he was a three-year letter winner in cross country. In his free time, he enjoys flying and running semi-competitively.

Faza Mahamood

Volunteer Technologist - Action Center

Faza Mahamood studies Information Technology at SASTRA University in Tamil Nadu, India. He enjoys participating in competitive programming competitions organized by TopCoder, Codechef and Google. In his spare time, he contributes to open source projects.

Darrik Mazey

Volunteer Technologist - Action Center

Darrick is a self-employed contract developer and a passionate digital privacy advocate. He got involved with creating the EFF activism center "because when you get the opportunity to help an organization that has done so much for digital privacy rights, you don't pass it up." He saw it as a chance to do something real to support a cause he strongly believes in.

Follow Darrik at @darrikmazey

Lucas Myers

Volunteer Technologist - Action Center

Lucas Myers is a web developer, homebrewer, and dad in Santa Barbara, CA.  He is a senior software engineer at Citrix, organizer of Santa Barbara JavaScript, and the founder of Triangle JavaScript.  When not coding, he might be brewing, playing Minecraft or building cool LEGO stuff with his kids, or just hanging out with his wife.

Follow Lucas at @unthunk

Moiz Syed

Volunteer Technologist - Action Center

Moiz is a designer and coder, with an interest in interaction and information design. He likes making things that support activism and social change. He works at the Wikimedia Foundation.

Follow Moiz at @MoizSyed

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