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EFF Interns and External Fellows

Bridge Fellow

Academic Background: Berkeley Law (J.D., Business Law Certificate), University of California, Los Angeles (B.A. in Political Science, minor in Scandinavian Studies).

Work Experience: Advanced Student at the Samuelson Law, Technology, and Public Policy Clinic, Intern at at the Securities & Exchange Commission, Corporate Legal Intern at Qualcomm, Intern at the Burkle Center for International Relations.

Legal Interests: The Right to be Forgotten, use of biometric data by social networks, the relationship between the Fourth Amendment and changing technology.

Bio/Other Interests: Frida loves running, salsa dancing, boxing, and learning new languages. 

Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Legal Fellow

Academic Background: Berkeley Law (J.D., class of 2019), Reed College (B.A. in Anthropology).

Work Experience: Arguedas, Cassman & Headley (litigation paralegal), Grace Family Law (paralegal), Reed College Department of Sociology (research assistant).

Legal Interests: Free speech in cyberspace, the role of large tech companies in mediating online content, internet-enabled mass government surveillance (and other Fourth Amendment concerns), governmental and industry transparency re: data collection.

Bio/Other Interests: Rachel enjoys hiking, generally being outdoors, taking advantage of the Bay Area's food scene, and compulsively re-reading Jane Austen and The Lord of the Rings. She also enjoys sitting in her car after she's already arrived at her destination, waiting for a podcast to wrap up.

Paralegal Intern

Academic Background: San Francisco State University (ABA-Certified Paralegal Studies Certificate), University of California at Berkeley (B.A. Anthropology).

Work Experience: Catering Supervisor with Bon Appetit Management Company, Assistant Catering Director with The Carvery Catering, Catering Liaison with Whole Foods Market.

Legal Interest: Privacy and Technology, Immigrant Rights, the convergence of many different areas of civil liberties within the realm of technology.

Bio/Other Interests: Amanda loves hiking, travelling and exploring, and cooking.

Legal Intern

Academic Background: Harvard Law School (J.D., expected 2019); Yale University (B.S., Electrical Engineering 2014).

Work Experience: McKinsey & Company, Business Technology Office (now Digital McKinsey) in Palo Alto; Reed Lab (Yale University); Ulysses S. Grant Foundation; SFSPCA (volunteer).

Legal Interests: Crypto law, data privacy, mass surveillance, free speech online, anonymity online, cybersecurity, and telecommunications law.

Bio/Other Interests: Alex enjoys working with animals, musical theatre, and baking.

Paralegal Intern

Academic Background: CSU East Bay (ABA-approved paralegal certificate), San Diego State University (MFA Creative Writing/Fiction), University of California, San Diego (BA Literature/Writing, Minor in European Studies)

Work Experience: Instructor at the Academy of Art University, English Professor in Peace Corps/Morocco, Instructor/Special Projects at non-profit training school for dislocated workers Vallecitos CET, Adjunct Professor at San Diego State University

Legal Interests: Privacy, free expression, digital consumer rights, and innovation throughout the world.

Spring 2017

Michael Deamer

Fall 2016

Inayat Chaudhry
William Hendel
Aileen Nguyen (Bridge Fellow)
Kinga Rorat
James Yoon

Summer 2016

Christine Bannan
Meghan Fenzel
Colette Ghazarian
Shelli Gimelstein
Michael Rosenbloom
Ritchie Wilson (Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Legal Fellow)
Leah Yaffe

Spring 2016

Lea Mekhneche
Leighanna Mixter
Patrick Moore
Erich Snow

Fall 2015

Jack Bussell
Michael Godbe
Yonatan Moskowitz
Kelly Vargas
Carmen Wierenga

Summer 2015

Erica Fisher
Kelsey Harclerode
David Krone
Boris Mindzak
Sheri Pan
Michael Sinanian
Stephen Stanwood (Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Legal Fellow)

Spring 2015

Farbod Faraji
Mark Gray
Mehtab Khan
Joe Jung (Harvard "J" Term)
Paige Pembrook
Dimitri Rizek
Kerry Maeve Sheehan
Olga Slobodyanyuk (Harvard "J" Term)

Fall 2014

Marta Belcher
Jeff Hirschey
Mike Isaacs
Jake Wyrick

Summer 2014

Kendra Albert
Vera Eidelman
Naomi Gilens
Thad Houston
Emily Mahoney
Divya Musinipally
Rebecca Wexler

Spring 2013

James Buatti
Natasha Chu
Christopher Civil (Bridge Fellow)
Dan Garon
Jane Li (Harvard "J" Term)
Everett Monroe
Joe Mornin
Hilary Richardson (Bridge Fellow)
Megumi Yukie (Bridge Fellow)

Fall 2013

Christian Lee
Sydney Archibald
Christopher Civil (Bridge Fellow)
Hilary Richardson (Bridge Fellow)
Megumi Yukie (Bridge Fellow)

Summer 2013

Natasha Duarte
Colin Farlow
Craig Fratrik
Oliver Richards
Morgan Weiland

Spring 2013

Jack Donahoe
Peter Holm
Sarah Jeong (Harvard "J" Term)
Christopher Civil
Jose de Wit
Luis Zambrano
Jacob Zweig

Fall 2012

Erik Bauman
Joshua House
Andrew Serros
Tara Whalen

Summer 2012

Paige Austin
Whitney Merrill
Hannah Bloch-Wehba
Charlie Crain
Maxwell Mishkin
Joe Newman

Spring 2012

Angela Daly, International Legal Fellow
Courtney Bowman
Matthew Cagle
Adam Gulkis
Alexandra Moss
Natalie Nichol
Rob Walker

Fall 2011

James Leggett
Rebekka Murphy
Rowan Reynolds
Andrew Serros

Summer 2011

Michelle Benard
Tim Hwang
Adi Kamdar
Teri Karobonik
Eric Lindgren
Leafan “Lea” Rosen
Jarred Taylor
Elizabeth Uzelac

Fall 2010

Carlos Rosario

Summer 2010

Mohit Gupta
Jonathan Mayer
Sarah Adelaida McIntire
Heather Patterson
Mani Potnuru
Brian Rideout
Bahrad Sokhansanj
Shane Wagman

Spring 2010

Alessandra "Alea" Garbagnati
Shana Dines
Kathy Hashimoto

Fall 2009

Engey Elrefaie
Rohen Peterson

Summer 2009

Shana Dines
Brandon Weiner
Elizabeth Offen-Brown
Will Frank
Heather Casteel
Matthew Maddox
Lauren Gallo

Summer 2008

Kate Vershov
Justin Haan
Adrienna Wong
Nick Jackson
Shane Witnov
Google Policy Fellows:

Margot Kaminski
Ren Bucholz

Summer 2007

Nancy Sims
Kathleen Lu
Amy Morganstern
Erin Simon
Matt Sanchez
Nika Engberg
Ruben Rodrigues

Summer 2006

Henry Lien
Nicholas Smallwood
Aaron Perzanowski
Charles Duan

Summer 2005

Chris Riley
Adam Thomas
Talitha Nabbali
James Grimmelmann
Judit Ruis
Rosaclaire Baisinger
Chris Conley


Lila Bailey
Charlotte Rodeen-Dickert
Kat Duffy
David Price


Justin Firestone
Badri Natarajan
Elizabeth Miles
Paul Serritella

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