November 9, 2016 - 6:30pm PST
New York, NY

Civic-tech project Voices and the Electronic Frontier Alliance invite you to learn how to protect your security, privacy, and autonomy online -- and how to fight for those rights in policy. This event is one of many organized by local organizations allied with the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Abi Hassen will be teaching people how to install and use the Signal mobile app to protect their privacy. Abi is an attorney, consultant, technologist, and cofounder of the Black Movement Law Project. With his extensive background in labor, political and community organizing, Abi has been active at the intersection of law, technology and organizing for social justice for over a decade.

Voices co-founder John Bogil will be speaking on the current state of privacy rights in NYC and how the average person can influence policy making. Voices is a civic tech project that is partnering with advocacy groups in NYC to make them more influential in the policy process. John formerly worked for a lobby firm that represented tech companies on Capitol Hill and has also worked with community organizers and activists.