June 11, 2021 - 9:15am to 10:15am PDT

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Panel Description:

The legal issue of whether online services must carry user speech is a complicated one, with free speech values on both sides, and different results arising from different national legal systems. On one hand, the removal of contents and accounts has serious human rights consequences. On the other hand, litigation and regulatory efforts to require private online services to carry speech raises concerns about governmental interference in editorial decision-making. The issue is at the forefront in Poland, with the SIN v Facebook litigation, and the prospect of regulation. There has been extensive litigation in the United States and Italy and other countries, and the issue is being tracked closely around the world. Digital rights litigators from around the world will meet to map out the legal issue across various national legal systems and discuss ongoing efforts as well as how the issue may be decided doctrinally under our various legal regimes. Panelists will include lawyers from India, South Korea, Europe, the United States another regions. We aim to debate which results best serve human rights objectives, share knowledge, and identify prospects for collaboration.