April 20, 2012 - 9:00am PDT to April 21, 2012 - 3:00pm PDT
Berkeley, CA

EFF activists and lawyers will be participating in Innovate/Activate, a 2-day conference on IP activism.  

Date: April 20-21, 2012
Location: UC Berkeley Law School
Website:  http://www.innovateactivate.org/

About this conference: Innovate / Activate is an event on intellectual property and activism. It's about spurring change through the thoughtful consideration of IP. It's about reexamining our approaches to improving global welfare by diagnosing new and existing IP-related challenges to activism, developing strategies for overcoming IP obstacles, and delivering practical solutions. It's about identifying additional tools for a more effective activism that is capable of challenging our accepted notions of freedom and equality.

Panels with EFF staffers:

Trademark Bullies, Transnational Boundaries, and Anti-Brand Activism
Talha Syed (Berkeley Law), Corynne McSherry (Electronic Frontier Foundation), Sonia Katyal (Fordham Law), Jonathan McIntosh (Rebellious Pixels)

Building a Bridge Over the Beltway: The Who, What, Why and How of Tech Policy Advocacy in Administrative Rulemakings
Blake Reid (Georgetown IPR), Julie Samuels (Electronic Frontier Foundation), Nicholas Bramble (Yale ISP)

Changing the Conversation About Software Patents in a Post-SOPA World
Julie Samuels (Electronic Frontier Foundation), Timothy Lee (Ars Technica)

The Taxonomy of the Perfect Test Case
Marcia Hofmann (Electronic Frontier Foundation), Julie Ahrens (Stanford Fair Use Project), Mark Jaycox (Electronic Frontier Foundation), Andy Sellers (Berkman Center)

Should IP Activists go to Law School?
Derek Slater (Google), Jennifer Urban (Berkeley Law), Rainey Reitman (Electronic Frontier Foundation)

Margot Kaminski (Yale ISP), Peter Maybarduk (Public Citizen), Gwen Hinze (Electronic Frontier Foundation), Matt Kavanagh (HealthGAP)

How Online Activists Can/Should Protect Themselves from IP Threats
Corynne McSherry (Electronic Frontier Foundation), Joe Gratz (Durie Tangri), Andrew Bridges (Fenwick & West LLP)

Post-SOPA: Lessons Learned, Keeping People Engaged
Parker Higgins & Trevor Timm (Electronic Frontier Foundation), Sherwin Siy (Public Knowledge), Jared Friend (Berkeley Law)

Making the Open/Free Movement More Inclusive of Women’s Voices
Anita Sarkeesian (Feminist Frequency), Larisa Mann (DJ Ripley), Rainey Reitman (Electronic Frontier Foundation)