May 19, 2021 - 7:00am PDT

In this Fiber for Breakfast, join Ernesto Falcon, Senior Legislative Counsel at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and hear from a lead advocate from the state of California on their effort to get the 5th largest economy in the world to adopt a fiber standard in its broadband infrastructure policy. In 2016, the state established a broadband goal of delivering 10/1 mbps Internet access to 98% of its population and have since undergone a dramatic rethinking of its policy approach to include municipal open access fiber networks through bond financing, a broadband plan focused on scalable infrastructure, and several multi-billion dollar proposals focused on fiber at its core. Learn about the setbacks, the progress, the nature of the opposition, and what has proven successful in getting policymakers to recognize the need to consider future proofing in infrastructure investments.

Panelist Bio: Ernesto Falcon is Senior Legislative Counsel at the Electronic Frontier Foundation with a primary focus on intellectual property, open Internet issues, broadband access, and competition policy. He represents EFF’s advocacy, on behalf of its members and all consumers, for a free and open Internet before state legislatures and Congress. Ernesto’s work includes pushing the state of California to pass the strongest net neutrality law in the country in response to federal repeal efforts, as well as leading EFF's research and advocacy to promote universally available, affordable, and competitive fiber broadband networks.

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