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Digital Privacy and the Road to Community Empowerment


Digital Privacy and the Road to Community Empowerment

June 3, 2018 - 2:00pm
New York

Join organizers from EFA allies The CyPurr Collective, Black Movement Law Project, t4tech and EFF Grassroots Advocacy Organizer nash  for a Security Education Companion workshop at Left Forum:

Digital Privacy and the Road to Community Empowerment:

Law enforcement surveillance, targeting of undocumented members of our communities, Congress' repeal of Internet Privacy laws, and breaches of information held by major corporations - these have been seemingly non-stop reminders of the risks to our information and personal privacy. Quite often, it is the least empowered within our communities that have the least protections and face the greatest potential harm from these threats. If it ever was, it is no longer enough to simply offer assistance. Sustainable community defense requires a commitment to empowerment. Using EFF's Security Education Companion, and digital security training as one example, this workshop for activists, educators and technologists will explore how we can move beyond the service model of aid and commit to supporting the development of new skills and superhero teams from within affected communities.

Sunday, June 3
2 PM-3:50 PM

Register Here

John Jay College of Criminal Justice
The City University of New York
899 10th Avenue (between 58th and 59th Streets)
New York, NY 10019

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