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Baltimore CryptoParty


Baltimore CryptoParty

November 18, 2017 - 2:00pm to 6:00pm

In the wake of the Equifax breach, 145 million Americans have had their names, addresses, license numbers, dates of birth, and Social Security numbers (SSNs) compromised. As we continue to learn more about the breach, it is important to share facts rather than fear and uncertainty. Join EFF Technologist Erica Portnoy at the Digital Harbor Foundation on November 18th to take action in the wake of the breach and learn more about:

1. The History of SSNs; how SSNs morphed into being unchangeable Identifiers/Authenticators.
2. The History of Equifax; how credit bureaus amassed our data. 
3. The current scope of the Equifax breach as we know it. 
4. Effective ways to communicate with your representatives in congress. 

There will be a mix of talks, breakout sessions, and time for free-form QA. There will also be an optional congressperson writing session. 


What is a CryptoParty?

CryptoParties are free and open for everyone, but especially ​those without prior knowledge, who haven't yet attended one.

CryptoParty is a decentralized movement with events happening all over the world. The goal is to pass on knowledge about protecting yourself in the digital space. This can include encrypted communication, preventing being tracked while browsing the web and general security advice for computers and smartphones.

To try the programs and apps at the CryptoParty bring your laptop or smartphone.

This is an inclusive event that follows the CryptoParty anti-harrassment policy.

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