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Podcast Episode - Securing the Vote

Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog

How to fix the internet: securing the vote with pam smith

Podcast Episode: Securing the Vote

U.S. democracy is at an inflection point, and how we administer and verify our elections is more important than ever. From hanging chads to glitchy touchscreens to partisan disinformation, too many Americans worry that their votes won’t count and that election results aren’t trustworthy. It’s crucial that citizens have well-justified...

EFF Opposes Anti-Fiber, Anti-Affordability Legislation in California That Will Raise Prices on Middle Income Users

SACRAMENTO, CA – The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) opposes legislation sponsored by AT&T, AB 2749 (Quirk-Silva), that would undermine California’s historic broadband infrastructure law signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom last July.The bill would amend the newly created grant program for funding broadband access in unserved areas by prohibiting the...

¿Quién defiende tus datos?

Dos de los principales ISP de Perú mejoran sus prácticas de transparencia, mientras que dos competidores se quedan atrás, según el nuevo informe de Hiperderecho

Los dos principales operadores de telecomunicaciones de Perú, Movistar (Telefónica) y Claro (América Móvil) continuaron obteniendo altas calificaciones por ser transparentes en cuanto a las solicitudes de datos de los usuarios por parte del gobierno, mientras que sus competidores Bitel (Viettel) y Entel mejoraron ligeramente las prácticas de promoción de...

A figure shouts through a megaphone being held by another figure.

Tendencias en la responsabilidad de las plataformas en todo el mundo: De Puertos Seguros a más responsabilidad

Esta es la primera entrega de una serie de cuatro blogs que analizan las leyes de responsabilidad de los intermediarios a nivel mundial.La inmensa mayoría de los usuarios de Internet de todo el mundo interactúan habitualmente con intermediarios en línea, como los proveedores de servicios de Internet (PSI), los motores...

We Finally Have a Federal Fiber Broadband Plan

There is a lot to appreciate in the recently published “Notice of Funding Opportunity” (NOFO) by the Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications Information Administration (NTIA). It is arguably the first federal government proposal that seeks to promote infrastructure policies focused on the future, rather than the usual subsidizing “good enough...

EFF to Supreme Court: Put Texas Social Media Law Back on Hold

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) today urged the U.S. Supreme Court to halt enforcement of Texas’ constitutionally questionable social media law, which allows the state to dictate what speech platforms must publish and may lead to more, not less, censorship of user expression as platforms face a storm of...


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