We’ve been challenging the National Security Agency's mass surveillance of ordinary people since we first became aware of it nearly twenty years ago. Since then, tens of thousands of supporters have joined the call to fight what became Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act, a law which was supposed to enable overseas surveillance of specific targets, but has become a backdoor way of mass spying on the communications of people in the U.S. Now, Section 702 is back up for a major renewal since it was last approved in 2018, and we need to pull out all the stops to make sure it is not renewed without massive reforms and increased transparency and oversight. 

 "stop NSA's Mass surveillance." Below that is the EFF logo

Section 702 is up for renewal, so we decided our shirts should reflect the ongoing fight. For the first time in a decade, our popular NSA Spying shirts are back, with an updated EFF logo and design. The image of the NSA's glowering, red-eyed eagle using his talons to tap into your data depicts the collaboration of telecommunication companies with the NSA - a reference to our Hepting v. AT&T and Jewel v. NSA warrantless wiretapping cases. Every purchase helps EFF’s lawyers and activists stop the spying and unplug big brother.

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Wear this t-shirt to proudly let everyone know that it’s time to rein in mass surveillance. And if you haven’t yet, let your representatives know today to Stop the Spying. 

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