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Job Openings at EFF

Job Openings at EFF

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is looking for a litigator with an unshakeable sense of justice to join our legal team, and help us further EFF’s mission of protecting and promoting privacy and free expression. Specifically, we’re looking for smart, committed lawyers with a strong interest and deep curiosity about some combination of the following issues: privacy, free speech, freedom of information, and legal issues relevant to security research. 

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is looking for a litigator who is excited about fostering digital creativity, justice and innovation to join our legal team. Ideal candidates will have substantial experience in copyright, patent and/or trademark litigation. Experience with or strong interest in unfair competition, administrative law, privacy and/or First Amendment litigation is preferred but not required.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is seeking a full-time Staff Technologist to work with our Browser Extensions team as a developer for Privacy Badger.  This is one of our efforts to protect users’ privacy online and block tracking. 

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