Proving Their Point: 'White Men Are So Fragile' Lands Teacher in Facebook Jail

When high school teacher and activist Carolyn Wysinger saw a post about actor Liam Neeson that angered her, she shared it on Facebook with a comment: “White men are so fragile and the mere presence of a black person challenges every single thing in them.” The company deleted the post within fifteen minutes, according to Wysinger, and warned her that if she posted the same thing again, she’d be banned for 72 hours.

Wysinger told USA Today that when black people talk about racism on the platform, their posts are often removed. A similar story from 2017 demonstrates that that’s indeed the case, regardless of context: Writer and activist Ijeoma Oluo was suspended from Facebook after posting screenshots of threats and racist comments she’d received on the platform. At the time, she wrote “It’s the complicity of one of the few platforms that people of color have to speak out about [hate] that gets me.”