Civil Liberties Group and Technical Publisher Work Toward a Common Goal

San Francisco - No Starch Press has announced a partnership with the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) in which the progressive technical publisher will donate a percentage of its sales to EFF.

When customers purchase books from a special area on the publisher's website, No Starch will donate 30% of the purchase price to EFF. No Starch published EFF client Andrew "bunnie" Huang's Hacking the Xbox last year and is dedicated to providing the public with information about open source software and network exploration.

No Starch Press Founder Bill Pollock said, " I am so pleased to be supporting EFF, an organization I greatly admire. Whether fighting to protect our rights to remain anonymous, or fighting against wrongheaded acts like the DMCA or the USA Patriot Act, EFF is the one organization watching our backs."

EFF recently entered into similar partnerships with 321 Studios and Slim Devices. "EFF is proud do have the support of these innovative companies," lauded EFF Executive Director Shari Steele. "It's important to see creative companies understand that technology can and should be freedom enhancing." More and more, especially in the world of intellectual property, it has become increasingly difficult for companies to simply create technology without paying attention to the legal framework in which their products will be released. Increasingly, innovative companies face legal challenges from over-zealous intellectual property holders, which block the development of new products and the publication of technical books that the public wants. As a defender of free speech in the digital world, EFF is is a natural partner for these companies.


Kevin McLaughlin
Membership Coordinator
Electronic Frontier Foundation

Leigh Sacks
Marketing Coordinator
No Starch Press