There is a traditional Japanese concept called wabi-sabi that recognizes the world as impermanent, evolving, and unfinished. You could call it the beauty of embracing imperfection. Despite the sleek, otherworldly look of today’s tech devices, the internet itself is still chaotic, inspirational, dynamic, necessary, worrisome, and, yes, beautiful.

With that love for the wild web, EFF works hands-on to protect your privacy, security, and free expression rights no matter how technologies change. We need the internet’s bold creativity and ability to strengthen the powerless more than ever. Will you help shape tech’s future for the users?

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Internet old timers sometimes wax poetic about when the web was a collection of homespun communities, wild and rough around the edges. But that spirit lives on. Today, technology connects and lifts up major grassroots movements for equity, civil liberties, and human rights to counteract the ugliness of the world. EFF has always seen this incredible potential and it's why we have defended your rights on the bleeding edge of technology for over 30 years. But we don't do it alone. Your wonderful and complicated web needs you.

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