This survey is for students in California’s public schools who use digital devices like cell phones, tablets, and laptops. We'll use the results to oppose a bill that seeks to take away your right to keep your personal information on digital devices private.

If you're under 13, please have your parents take this survey instead of filling it out yourself.

Important Note: Info provided here will be shared with the ACLU of Northern California. ACLU and/or EFF will seek your permission before we publicly use your personally identifiable information. (EFF's privacy policy & ACLU of NorCal's privacy policy.)

Has anyone from your school (teacher, school official, or police officer) ever searched through your phone, laptop, or tablet (including a laptop or tablet issued to you by your school)? Additionally, do you know if someone from your school (teacher, school official, or police officer) has searched your friend’s or classmate’s phone, laptop or tablet?
If your device was searched, did you give permission for it to be searched?
If your phone, laptop, or tablet was searched, could you describe what happened and when it happened?
Can we contact you to learn more about what happened? Please include your name and email address if yes.