EFF recognizes that, as an international organization, it’s important to offer translated content in order to reach a global audience. While we offer localized content in some capacity—like the translations you'll find over at the Surveillance Self-Defense project—our ultimate goal is to make more of our most widely-used content, tools and resources available in multiple languages. That’s why we’re recruiting passionate volunteers from all over the world to help us translate EFF web content and tech projects. We’re kicking things off by requesting translations for the HTTPS Everywhere site,1 the Secure Messaging Scorecard, and eventually the Privacy Badger site.

We hope these projects will allow us to build a solid network of volunteer translators, at which point we’ll explore translating other EFF content. To get involved, check out our current translation requests on GitHub. EFF publishes translation requests as XML Localisation Interchange File Format (XLIFF) files. For a list of XLIFF editor software, visit Wikipedia. When working on a translation, you can save the XLIFF file and submit your translation as a pull request on this git repository. Alternatively, you can send the XLIFF file directly to .

Be sure to check back frequently as we hope to add more translation opportunities for volunteers in the future. We’d like to thank those of you who have already inquired about and supported translations at EFF—we couldn’t do this without you.

1 Note, if you would like to help translate the HTTPS Everywhere browser extension itself into another language, you can do that through Transifex.